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"Kasidy Devlin doesn’t hide Mordred’s snide nature, but he does drop the customary sneer, which transforms the musical’s villain from the semi-comic, cartoonish character Lerner & Loewe made him out to be into a serious young man with deep-rooted motivations and calculations."

-In The Bend

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"Kasidy Devlin gives a thoroughly entertaining performance as Sir Robin." 

-LA Magazine

...there is a brilliant production of Spamalot at the Pantages (LA) for a few more days. It is on tour round the country, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s an absolutely fabulous cast.  John Du Prez and I attended the opening on Tuesday.  We laughed, we cried, we danced, and we were very grateful and very happy.  Bravo to the whole company!

-Eric Idle, original Monty Python member, creator of Spamalot

"Kasidy Devlin's devilishly brilliant Mordred leads the knights' lust for the old days in a creatively staged "Fie on Goodness." Although Devlin only appears in the second act, he steals the show with his boyish glee and villainous laughter."

- Broadway world San Francisco

"Devlin has a shining moment late in Act II when he bursts in his main solo of the show, “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway if You Don’t Have Any Jews.” You feel his belting below as he cries out the hysterical song at the top of his lungs, projecting his voice from the stage to the rafters and back. With a huge grin, fancy footwork, and enthusiasm like no other – he steals the show in this moment as he gives it his all. Be sure to watch out for this number."

-Maryland Theatre Guide Review

"Mordred (played expertly by Kasidy Devlin) has an edge of insanity to him that leads some of his lines to give the audience an uneasy laughter as you can tell there's something deeply disturbing about him."

-Oklahoma City

"Also notable in the cast is Kasidy Devlin as the vile, scheming and nasty-piece-of-work Mordred. As villains go, there were a few boos at curtain call – not at Mr. Devlin - but for his evil characterization. His rambunctious “The Seven Deadly Virtues” number illustrated the mind-set of malicious Mordred, the devil personified in the land of virtue and chivalry."

-The Examiner

"As one of the antigonists in the play, Mordred, played by Kasidy Devlin, immediately stole the show – at least for me. With his devious outlook and deliciously evil laugh, Devlin helped transform the show into a darker place. A place not recognizable to those who live in Camelot."

-Albuquerque Journal

 "An aspect that worked well within the framework of the production was Kasidy Devlin as a ruthless, ambitious Mordred. Hilariously sociopathic, Devlin charged through the second act and pushed the story to fruition at a more strident pace, which heightened the stakes. Devlin provided an energetic and satisfying foil, the triumph to Arthur's unattainable happiness."


"7 Reasons to See 'Camelot' Before It's Gone: 7. Mordred.
The illegitimate son of King Arthur is back in his life with a vengeance and a killer personality. Kasidy Devlin plays the part of a madman perfectly, topping it all off with a laugh that will never leave your mind. He sells the role and shows himself as Arthur's true antagonist."

-The Nashville Examiner

"Kasidy Devlin gave my favorite performance of the night as Mordred, King Arthur’s slimy, illegitimate son. Devlin’s Commedia dell’arte training shone through, as every syllable he utters seemed to reverberate through his entire being. It was a nuanced, well-crafted performance far more electrifying than the others."

-Newstalk Providence